Episode Ninety Four – Tailor Tinker Soldier Barista

Tailor Tinker Soldier Barista

A specialised but oddly thematic team operates on the edges of a semi-collapsed future.

Extraterrestrial battle fleets we can deal with.
Rogue dimension-shifting monstrosities can be contained.
We’re not sure what to do about George the coffee guy.

What are the different approaches to Secret Agenting?

“Well, yes, our scheme IS underhanded, but we never expected it to get out of hand in this manner.”

The Supervillain approach to removing young Superheroes from danger is meant well, but isn’t always that nice.

Penny Arcade – Football is a game

America’s Cup

Kings Head
Craig got the name wrong. I’m sure that’s totally coincidental, and not at all related to the fact that it’s a pub ~ T. Jones

Aylesbury Movies Meetup


Very old pub in Thame

Bicester Village
Chiltern Railways link, as I found the official Bicester Village website to be highly uninformative ~ T. Jones

Coombe Hill

View from the top of Coombe Hill, towards Aylesbury

North Berwick


Cosy Catastrophe

Kowloon Walled City

Split Second (movie)

Leverage (tv)
Leverage (rpg)

Eclipse Phase

Yeah, this definitely isn’t what Craig was thinking of ~ T. Jones

Apocalypse World

Land of the Dead
From Dusk Till Dawn

The Naked Lunch

Dark Matter


The X-Files
X-Files S01E10 – “Fallen Angel”

Men In Black


Monkeys Took My Jetpack
“If you like Actual Play podcasts, you should be listening to MTMJ. This is known.”
Craig made me put that in ~ T. Jones


Episode Ninety Two – “Can We At Least Get Through This Without It Being In All The Papers?”

Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Garak the tailor

Teen Titans

Paladin of Souls, by Lois McMaster Bujold

Episode Ninety Three – Do Not Miss A Visit To The Muse
Princess Tutu

Invader Zim

George R.R. Martin

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