Episode Ninety Seven – My story is essentially the tale of Juan Bobo, only dumber

My story is essentially the tale of Juan Bobo, only dumber


One player, multiple GMs?  What chance does that protagonist have, unless they are the very stuff of fable?

Craig Destroys Democracy (at least according to Ben)

An inspiring yet incompetent captain and a resourceful and long-suffering crew.  Shenanigans ahoy!

Heroes don the mantle of the gods, attempting to change the very fabric of reality.



NASA Astronauts Provide A Perfect Response To B.o.B’s GoFundMe To Prove The Earth Is Flat

How to Care For Your Introvert by YouTuber “exurb1a”

Juan Bobo

Aesop’s Fables

2017 Hurricane Atlantic Season – Hurricane Maria

John Oliver – Puerto Rico’s Debt Issue from April 2016

Media Coverage Stats for Puerto Rico

Fireside Fiction’s Hurricane Relief Bookstore

Amelia Bedelia

The rules of 500 (the card game)

The Māui of Māori mythology – a name held common with several Polynesian cultural heroes (and of a recent Disney film).  The Māori incarnation was last of the original people created to be born, performed a plethora of amazing feats (largely for the good of those people), and died attempting defeat death in a rather alarming way.


Agile Development

99% Invisible Podcast

NZ Election 2017  – still not over at time of release – please let it end!

MMP or Mixed-member proportional representation

Rt. Hon. Winston Peters, MP

Hon. Maggie Barry, MP

1080 Poison

Cenobite Scooby – BRC Episode 57

Monkeys Took My JetPack Podcast

RPG – The Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo

Washington Park in Washington (the state) – I think this is the right one.  You Americanites have rather a lot of things with the name “Washington” ~ T. Jones 

Film – Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)

Curious George

Film –  “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!” (2012)  AKA “The Pirates! Band of Misfits ” in the US – featuring Mister Bobo, Charles Darwin’s Bulter / “man-panzee”.

Baron Munchausen

RPG – The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen – a new version release by Fantasy Flight late last year

Mister Magoo

Captain Jack Sparrow

RPG – Lady Blackbird


RPG – Fate

RPG – Dresden Files

RPG – Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Angel

RPG – Doctor Who, Adventures in Space and Time 

RPG – Tales the Loop

Bond Behind the Scenes – BRC Epsiode 5

TV – Archer

RPG – Millennium’s End

RPG – Legend from Mongoose – based on Runequest II rules

Sumo Wrestling and it’s Shinto origins

TV – American Gods

Film – Howard the Duck

TV – Duck Tales (Reboot)


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3 thoughts on “Episode Ninety Seven – My story is essentially the tale of Juan Bobo, only dumber

  1. Tim Soholt says:

    Perhaps “Bobo” as the name of a monkey was inspired by Professor Bobo of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

    • Avatar photo Craig says:

      Holy Crap!
      You’re right – I’d completely forgotten about him, but that has to be where the name came from.

  2. Tim Soholt says:

    Mindy from the Buttons & Mindy cartoons on Animaniacs is sort of an example of the “Pirate Captain Juan Bobo” archetype, although she’s obviously not a leader per se.

    And, yes, the Doctor Who RPG very much compensates for the impressive abilities of the Doctor by giving his/her player less plot currency. I don’t remember if it was unofficial advice from rpg.net or something written in one of the early editions of the game, but it has been mentioned before that one of the roles of the human companions is to generate Story Points for the Doctor to use due to the paucity on the Time Lord’s own character sheet.

    (Doctor Who: Giving fans pronoun troubles since 2015!)

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