Episode Ninety Eight – Evil Sidekick Hangout

Evil Sidekick Hangout

Henchmen On A Train
Evil sidekicks plot to kill off each other’s Villains.

Sticking it to the Übermensch
Heroes are assigned sidekicks, even if they don’t really want them, and having seen behind the cape, as it were, the teen protege’s are underwhelmed & disaffected, and turn to villainy.
Trouble is, they’re still a bit crap.

The Supermanchurian Candidate
Sidekick usually means ‘hero’, so why are there evil sidekicks? Why are they hanging out? What are they up to?

The Sidekicks Who Knew Too Much
Wholesome & hopelessly naïve sidekicks go slumming it on a night out, and choose … Poorly

New Zealand’s New Government

Sad Mike Hosking

I’m linking to the NZ Broadcaster Paul Henry solely to clarify that he is a different person to the British Actor Paul Henry ~ T. Jones

Eva Allen had this explanation of the NZ Electoral System

Allow me to explain MMP

There’s one mince and cheese pie left in the shop; it costs $5
Bill has $4.50
Jacinda has $3.70
Winston has 70c
James has 60c
and David has 5c
No one has enough money to buy the pie by themselves but Jacinda, Winston and James put their money together and buy the pie. Bill gets no pie because he needed 50c but didn’t have any friends to help him pay for the pie.

I hope this helps explain things.


Throw Momma From The Train
Danny DeVito
Strangers On A Train

Jared Leto


Leverage (RPG)
Blades In The Dark

Two Face
Harley Quinn

Leverage (TV)
Mission: Impossible (TV)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Hero System
GURPS Supers

The Venture Brothers

Runaways (Comic)
The Boys
Brat Pack (NSFW)

Rick Veitch


Doc Savage
Indiana Jones

Cerebus the Aardvark

The Americans
The Lego Ninjago Movie

David Xanatos

Apocalypse World

Juan Bobo: Plot Monkey starts here on the Fear The Boot forums

Fear The Boot

The Jank Cast

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Buttons and Mindy

Doctor Who RPG

The Warriors
Judgement Night
This song is the only reason I know about Judgement Night ~ T. Jones


The Gutter Skypes

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