Episode One Hundred And Thirty Three – Irritable Geography

Ben has a thesis on the role and point of travel in games, and the role and point of the encounters along the way.

Deities of the Land deal with a threat to their domain and the people living there; Possibly in between shifts at work.

Plucky youngsters save their home by enlisting the aid of the Spirit of the Town itself.

Teams of couriers venture through slightly alternate realities to keep their payload safe.

Prince Andrew Pizza Express Woking reviews suspended



The Dragonlance Campaign

Gamma World

Random Encounter
Rust Monster

Gary Gygax

( Black Book/Classic is what Craig referred to; Many, but not all, editions/versions had the same basic idea of a jump mechanic ~ T. Jones )

Elite ( video game )

Part Time Gods
Kids On Bikes
The Quiet Year


Princess Mononoke
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

The Spiral Series, by Michael Scott Rohan

( Nighthawks is the painting by Edward Hopper. Nighthawks At The Diner is a Tom Waits album ~ T. Jones )

Shadowrun ( wikipedia link, because there’s so much of Shadowrun it’s difficult to pick something more specific to link to ~ T. Jones )

Hideo Kojima
Metal Gear Franchise

Guillermo del Toro
Norman Reedus

Silent Hill ( franchise )


Skyrim ( technically, ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ ~ T. Jones )

The Color Out Of Space (movie)


Quantum Conundrum

Dark Conspiracy

The Dark Tower, by Stephen King (series)
The Postman (movie)


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