Episode One Hundred And Thirty Four – Tempest Redeye Flight

Tempest Redeye Flight
Tempest Redeye Flight

Trapped by the snow, the handful of passengers on a stranded air-liner find themselves retreading a classic story.

A Jovian gas extraction platform unexpectedly loses communication with it’s drill-head deep in the atmosphere below. Has the far end met with technical malfunction, a mutiny by the crew (or machinery), or something more sinister?

The first summit between the zombie nation and the terrified world that quarantined it is already off to a rocky start, so when a conspiracy is uncovered by a bi-partisan team of organisers they realise they will have to act to preserve the fruits of their work.


Our Inverness Episode.

Conservative leader’s UK Election Climate Debate ice sculpture stand-ins.

Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Lord Buckethead



Peter Greenaway

Film – Prospero’s Books (1991)

Film – The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)

Play – The Tempest

RPG – Apocalypse World by Lumpley Games

Boardgame – Airline (1985)

As I recall, looking at the box cover is about twice as exciting as playing the game.

Boardgame – Poleconomy

Auckland Roleplaying Guild

Loading Ready Run – Canadian comedy video producers, and the organisers of the Desert Bus For Hope charity.

Canadian National Film Board

Slow Television

RPG – Zombie World(What Craig was talking about ~ T. Jones)

RPG – Zombie Cinema(What Ben was talking about ~ T. Jones)

Film – Jupiter Ascending (2015)

TV – V (1984 – 85) and V (2009 – 11)

Film – Spaceballs (1987)

RPG – Eclipse Phase by Posthuman Studios

RPG – Shock by Xenoglyph / Joshua A. C. Newman

Scrollable Ocean Map

Alienation according to Marx

Film – Event Horizon (1997)

Film – The Thing (1982)

Video Game – Dead Space (2008)

RPG – Our Last Best Hope by Magpie Games

Film – Alien (1979)

Film – Warm Bodies (2013)

TV – iZombie (2015 19)

TV – Daybreak (2019-)

Film – One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing (1975)(ooh, a 1970’s Disney live action film with a Peter Ustinov in a role with an obviously problematic name! Pass? ~T. Jones)

The Chronicles of Amber

RPG – Microscope – Lame Mage Productions

RPG – Maschine Zeit by Machine Age Productions

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One thought on “Episode One Hundred And Thirty Four – Tempest Redeye Flight

  1. John H Reiher says:

    I saw “Prospero’s Books” the same year it was released in an “art theater”. It was very good, but I remember two things about the movie: Everyone, and I mean everyone, was naked at least once during the movie. Including Sir John Gielgud, his modesty protected by a corner of a table.
    And the actor who played Caliban must have been in pain considering how he was trussed up…

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