Episode One Hundred And Thirty Nine – “The Maltese Falcon gun, a famous weapon once owned by the King of the Popes”

Q: What does this obscure clue mean? What can it possibly be pointing to?
A: Whatever the PCs decide, because they’re the experts.

Society has fallen apart, and the world has changed.
Or Has It?
What if the world is fine, but your perception of it is wrong?

Wildly Anachronistic High-Action AlchemyPunk in the Holy Land!
Adventures in the Misunderstood Present!

NZ Closes Borders

The Maltese Falcon
Dashiell Hammett

National Treasure
Indiana Jones (franchise)
The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown

Call Of Cthulhu

Atomic Robo – The Roleplaying Game

Six String Samurai

Roman Catholic Church

The Western Schism
Martin V
Antipope Benedict XIII
Antipope Benedict XIV
Antipope Clement VIII
Antipope John XXIII
Gregory XII

Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta

Ultima Ratio Regum

Warhammer 40k

Tribute of the Maltese Falcon

Avignon Papacy

Knights Hospitallier

West Marches Style Game

Monty Python

Haliwell’s Movie Guide

Doctor Who
The Avengers ( British TV Series )

Left 4 Dead

Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson

Psychosis RPG

I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson

Dog Moon, by Robert Hunter

The Grateful Dead

Red Dwarf – Back To Reality (Despair Squid Episode)

Avenue 5

Van Helsing

Castle Falkenstein
Hong Kong Action Theatre ( This is a review; Best thing I could find which showed why Craig suggested it ~ T. Jones )

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Blade Runner
Brazil (Movie)

Diana: Warrior Princess!
Marcus Rowland

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