Episode One Hundred And Forty Two – Power Drift

Giant autonomous trucks make their way through the increasingly-abandoned areas outside of the cities.
There’s some fantastic cargo onboard if you’re good enough to take it. Of course, there may also be security onboard.

The Cities are wonderful, the Countryside is a hard desperate struggle, but if you can gain enough favour you can make the jump from Country to City.
Except that’s a lie, and folks are starting to figure that out.
The problem with having a downtrodden underclass is convincing them to stay that way.

Iceberg racing down the slopes of an enormous volcano on a low-gravity world, modifying your berg as the race progresses.
Getting to the bottom first gets you the win, but the other teams will have a few tricks to pull, and there’s also the issue of stopping

Life behind the scenes in a high-tech racing crew.

Episode Thirty – Apollo Rising
Episode Forty-Four – Gravity Princess

The Brady Bunch

Battle Royale (movie)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

octaNe (game)
Car Wars

Judge Dredd

The Wolverine (movie)

Land Of The Dead

Episode Seventy Seven – This Island Universe

Olympus Mons


Le Mans
America’s Cup
Formula One

Zombie World
Flamme Rouge

Episode One Hundred And Forty One – “Here, have a protein squirrel”

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Speed Racer

Dick Dastardly

Doc Savage


Paris-Dakar Rally


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