Episode One Hundred And Forty Eight – Space Hobboes

Once access to the Earth was taken out of the picture by orbital debris, the travelling workers known as Space Hobos became a vital part of the community, who help to solve problems & keep things running out there.

Space transport is cheap enough, and space survival technology ubiquitous enough, that hitching a ride on a string of cargo containers going somewhere useful is a viable, if unauthorised & illegal, way to get around if you don’t have the money.
It also means that you’re in a place that nobody expects someone to be, and that can cause problems if folks are up to things they don’t want people to see.

Once you’ve shifted some asteroids into regular orbits, moving around the system becomes a whole lot easier; Assuming you can match vector, or course.

A fantasy setting of little worldlets, each just big enough for a single field or Hobbit burrow, floating serenely in an endless sky.

Vast cargo ships ply the spaceways. Too big for anything other than full automation, they don’t seem to react when people climb aboard for free transport, or even make their homes there. It’s not clear whether they don’t notice, or they just don’t care.


Coal Trimmer

Herbert Hoover

The Expanse (novels)
The Expanse (tv)

Game of Thrones (tv)

Raised By Wolves (tv)
Ridley Scott

Dark Souls

International Brotherhood Welfare Association
The Hobo Code
The Littlest Hobo
The Incredible Hulk

Dogs In The Vinyard
Flatpack: Fix the Future

Alias Smith & Jones
Pale Rider

Flash Gordon


The Love Boat

Among Us

Traveller 2300

Space Opera
Science Fantasy



Isaac Asimov

Kessler Syndrome

Railroad Bull
( covered as part of a longer article on Railroad police ~ T. Jones )

Aldrin Cycler

Lensman Series, by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith

Project Pluto


Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
The Little Prince

Yes (band)

The Integral Trees, by Larry Niven


Starship Titanic

Goldenwing Cycle, by Alfred Coppel
Moonheart & Spiritwalk, by Charles de Lint

Counting to Infinity ( rpg.net thread from 2006 )

Girls Last Tour
Kids Last Tour

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

West End Games

Episode One Hundred And Forty Seven – From Me To You; A Free Gift Of Soul Dust

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