Episode One Hundred And Forty Seven – From Me To You; A Free Gift Of Soul Dust

On stage at a club, interrupted by the occasional solo, the band recount the tale of their experience with the supernatural.

For safety’s sake, nanotech is very tightly limited in scope, and will shut down if it goes out of bounds; So the container of unconstrained nanobots you’re holding is something that everyone wants, and that could be a problem.

An insidious Alien conspiracy plots to blow up the Sun, because it’s the only way to make our TV transmissions stop.

Sentient food items mount a daring rescue mission for a comrade who’s due to be cooked before their time.

The Queen is easily enough of a bad-ass to defeat intruders & rescue the court all by herself. The tricky part is getting enough of her adventuring gear together quickly enough that she can do it with style, instead of losing her temper and tearing the attackers apart with hands and teeth.

Soul Dust (WoW Inventory Item)
Phoenix Down

The Witcher (game)

Soul Music

Tom Waits

Zombie Cinema

Heilung (experimental folk music)


Poutine (game)
Apocalypse World
Torg Eternity

Folk Metal

Zombie World
Blades in the Dark


Gold Mining

The One Ring
The Lord of the Rings

Cobalt 60

Office Space

Three Laws of Robotics

Kids on Bikes

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Episode 144: Your Vile Human Secretions
Episode 145: The Case of the Accidental Battered Sausage

Fate Accelerated Edition

Tim Curry
Clue (movie)
Fish Police

Abstract Dungeon RPG

Voyager Golden Record

Castle Falkenstein
Atomic Robo
Our Last Best Hope


Corn Dog

Episode 146: T’is A Pity She’s The Queen

Frozen II

Queen Elizabeth II

Covington Cross

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5 thoughts on “Episode One Hundred And Forty Seven – From Me To You; A Free Gift Of Soul Dust

  1. Tim Soholt says:

    The gimmick I think Ben was referring to with Torg relates to taking back Earth reality from the invaders. The invaders use gadgets called stelae to create the borders of their reality on Earth, and enterprising heroes can rip them up after defeating their defenses. Problem is, when they transformed the people to the invading reality, the stelae drained the people’s Possibility Energy (TM). If the people get transformed back with no Possibility Energy, they go foom, as the transformation gets fueled by the mundane energy in their bodies instead. You can refill the people’s Possibility Energy by telling inspirational stories of your heroics (in game terms, times you rolled 60+ on an exploding d20 and played the right card on the roll) before ripping up the stelae. In theory, PCs in the original game were supposed to not know this the first time they ripped up a stelae, which strikes me as unnecessarily cruel for a game of cinematic heroics.

    • Ben says:

      Hi, Tim

      Yes, I was somewhat muddling the Stelae mechanism up with imposing your own axiom on a much smaller area or an object. I was also recalling the fate of character in a game played many years ago, who was attempting to overwhelm a villain with their own possibility and failed, which meant they reverted into a lizard-folk (this being the Living Land).

      I didn’t remember the risk to the population of breaking the stelae. That is a pretty evil trick to play on the heroes!

      • Tim Soholt says:

        Ah, yes! Invoking a reality storm on someone! That was a messy system that they’ve thankfully toned down in the new edition.

        • Avatar photo Craig says:

          It’s stuff like this that makes me realise what a complete clusterfuck the ‘no experience needed’ game of Torg I played in at a convention was.
          Never been so glad for a game to end early, and nothing even close to what You & Ben are talking about was mentioned. 🙁

          • Tim Soholt says:

            To be fair, ripping up stelae was supposed to be a fairly high-level goal. Not something your starting characters are going to run out and do in their first adventure.

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