Episode One Hundred And Forty Six – T’is A Pity She’s The Queen

A member of a high-level adventuring party becomes Royalty, and discovers that it’s made their life terrible.

The Kingdom is in deep trouble, the newly-crowned King & Queen are still teenagers, and the King is, at best, totally useless.
In the early hours after a long drinking session, a member of the Guard remarks that Queen would be a much better ruler, and a terrible plan forms.

When there’s a conspiracy against the King, but the King simply won’t believe it, it’s up to the Queen & her Guard to counter the threat to the Realm.

When the Queen takes an interest in the entirely fake Pagent of the Dead, and commissions a Command Performace to contact her beloved late husband, the very real supernatural entities running the show have a fine line to walk between exposure as frauds, and exposure as undead.

Mac has an awesome idea for how to do the ‘multiple iterations of the same team in the same time period’ time-travel game.

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