Episode One Hundred And Seventy Two – An Unusual Amount Of Elvis

Presley Event Overload – The timeline is fracturing under a cascade of divergence events, splitting faster than they can be investigated, let alone dealt with. There’s no clear pattern to what’s happening, though a certain 20th Century musician seems to be affected by more of the changes than mere coincidence would permit.

The Mystery Of The King Beyond The Stars – In the far future, at a multi-species gathering of devotees of Elvis, someone who clearly does not have Elvis in their heart (or hearts) (or decentralised circulatory system) has stolen one of the most treasured artifacts of The King.

Elvis: The Legendary Tours – Wandering Hero Elvis & his friends encounter more and more Elvis impersonators, people who heard rumors of the death of The King & have decided to take up the Sequined Mantle. Clearly his evil half-brother Abbot Costello is involved, but what other tricks does the pretender to the throne of Graceland have lined up?

Elvis Presley

Colonel Tom Parker

Cult of Skaro


Loki (TV)

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

The Trousers Of Time

Priscilla Presley


Looks like Craig remembered “Dark Futures” slightly wrong; Dark Future was a miniatures wargame from GDW. There was a novel, Comeback Tour, which is set in the world of the game & is the thing with Col. Presley that Craig remembered.
~ T. Jones

Clarke County, Space, by Allen Steele

Among Us

3000 Miles To Graceland
Almost Elvis (documentary)

Bubba Ho-Tep

Suspicious Minds (song)
Elvis ( a.k.a. ’68 Comeback Special )

Judge Dredd

Beyond 2000

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Captain Marvel Jr.

Shroud of Turin
British Museum

Dread (rpg)
Dread: Dredd (new edition of Dread)

SHINOBIGAMI: Modern Ninja Battle RPG

Diana: Warrior Princess
Elvis: The Legendary Tours

John had a lot of links ~ T. Jones

Chinese Elvis
Black Elvis
Heavy Metal Elvis
Female Elvis
Sumo Elvis

The Heavy Metal Fox deity worshiping kitsune, Yoji Metal (a.k.a. Baby Metal)

Techno Elvis wants to replace the organic version with his Cybernetic, Algorithmically Derived Music
And Goth Elvis just wants to see the world burn

The Flying Elvises

Red Elvises

Six String Samurai

Fallout: New Vegas

David Bowie

Major Tom

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess

Kevin Sorbo


The Emperor’s New Groove

Your Crimes Are Known. The Frog Council Sits In Judgement.

Image of Elvis Presley by George Hodan

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