Episode One Hundred And Seventy One – It’s a Mad Max Utopia!

Be Our Guest? – Ever since the actual apocalypse, the Hosts at the Apocalypse World park really haven’t had a lot to do. Now that some Guests in dire need of help have arrived, a group of ‘wasteland marauders’ and ‘besieged remnants of civilization’ have to figure out how to bypass their own programmed scripts so that they can keep those Guests alive & get them to SOME kind of safety.

When The Wind In The Willows – Cute animals in their V8 Interceptors & War Rigs travel in search of a possibly mythical better place, with clean water and non-radioactive food.

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Max World! – With his last breath, Max pointed everyone at the utopia somewhere over the mountains. Now the race is on to get there & claim it.

NZ Parliamentary Protest
Freedom Convoy
Ram Ranch (song) (wikipedia)

Please Note: Ram Ranch Is Not Safe For Most Workplaces

Utopia (concept)
Sir Thomas More
Utopia, by Sir Thomas More

Mad Max Franchise
George Miller

Babe: Pig In The City
Happy Feet
The Lord Of The Rings

Episode One Hundred And Thirty Five – Things Are Going Down At Disney Town

Westworld (tv)
Westworld (movie)
Shōgunworld ( Craig called this Samuraiworld in the show, presumably based on the SW logo seen in an episode in season 2 ~ T. Jones )

Apocalypse World

Fallout Franchise

Jericho (tv)

Sawney Bean

Journey Away (Kickstarter link, because it’s all I could find ~ T. Jones)

The Bicameral Mind

Fellowship (rpg)

Samurai Jack

Big Rock Candy Mountain
Railroad Bull

After The Bomb

When The Wind Blows, by Raymond Briggs
The Wind In The Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

Grave Of The Fireflies
Watership Down, by Richard Adams

Peter Rabbit (movie)


Mad Max Furry Road – image by Tumbler user Uncalar
Mad Max Muppets – image by DeviantArt user JoppaDoops

Wacky Races


It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
A Boy And His Dog

Harlan Ellison

Misspent Youth


The Hundred Acre Wood

TTRPGS for Trans Rights in Texas

Space Train Space Heist
Jonathan Frakes Wants Your Attention, And You Must Not Give It To Him
Garfield ± You


(Oh, and there’s a faint chance that Ben’s attempt at sporting humour at the start of the episode was something to do with Ricky Ponting, though they are Australian, a cricket coach, and proof that Ben is somehow in posession of negative knowledge about sports. Stick to your lane, will you? ~ T. Jones)

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