Alleged Bonus Episode – In Which We Attempted To Make Characters For “My Little Pony: Roleplaying Is Magic”

Hello Long-Suffering Audient!

Ben & Craig had some real-world events rear up and bite them in their collective asses this month, but rather than taking the merciful option and just staying quiet, they’ve instead chosen to present an artifact from the distant past, when Ben & Tonya & Craig attempted to make characters for “My Little Pony: Roleplaying Is Magic”.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (TV)

Roleplaying Is Magic (Fanmade RPG)
The version they were using was probably the Season 2 Edition ~ T. Jones


Samples drawn from the following works:

“Night Break” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Audio from “my little aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” by Ashie

Audient Ideas About Dragons

TAZ presents us with his Dragon Hoard-o-matic.

Kedamono wonders about what modern-day dragons collect that still holds value, given that gold is better protected now. And what headaches that could cause for the Bureau 13 agents keeping an eye on their … collecting.
And what happens when a dragon wakes from centuries of slumber and doesn’t know, or care, how the world works these days.

Jason G. reminded us of modern-day dragons, and is probably horrified by where we went with it.

Here are some links to stuff we nattered about

Gen Con 2016 – The Craig’s-Eye View On The Best Four And A Bit Days In Gaming

Gen Con

Kentucky Fried Gamers

Indiana Convention Centre

GenCon Post-Show Press Release


Questionable Content – Jeph Jaques
Something Positive – R. K. Milholland

Indie Games On Demand

RPG Design Panelcast
Pelgrane Press
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Doctor Who: The Curse Of Fatal Death

Cogs, Cakes, and Swordsticks
The Taking Of Beverly Hills


Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space
Thrilling Adventure Hour – podcast in the style of radio serials


Mikey Mason
Fear The Boot – rpg podcast
L.U.C.I.D. – Morning Skye Studio game using surveys to construct the plot

Ultra PRO
The Broken Token
Nights of Yore
Campaign Coins

The Laundry Files

Audient Ideas with Alex

Audient Ideas with Alex

Dissatisfied Immortals plot against the heads of their own pantheon.

When a dispute among the gods reaches an impasse, what would happen if they turned to mortal justice?

Baby’s First Super-villain Lair!  Now with added minions!

A heavy metal band is inexplicably being…    …nice.  Supernatural forces must be responsible!

The Big Red Couch is omnipresent, eternal, and unchanging.  Also pretty comfy.  You could go anywhere, but why would you bother?

Things we nattered about!

Audient Ideas – Rainy Sunday Edition

The (Elder) Gods are quite literally playing games with us, and it’s not going well; How do we fix that?
What would the Scooby-Doo team make of a Cenobite Puzzle Box? Or a Cenobite?
After the fall of the Old Gods, believers venture forth into the wilds of Iowa, under the aegis of The King, to quest in Elvis’ Name.
The Mystery Machine finds those who believe in the otherworldly, so that they can be spirited away to a more magical place. But not necessarily a nice one.

Here are some links to stuff we nattered about

Audient Content Episode – Will Lays Down The Gauntlet

Will sent us a monster email, filled with ideas, so we did the only reasonable thing under the circumstances & wrapped an entire episode around them.

Additionally Ben reminisces about his time at KapCon24 in Wellington and Craig girds his convention-going loins in preparation for this years GenCon.

Will’s ideas include:

  • The most literal take on “Yellowknife Man” either of us have seen,
  • Ponies allegedly helping with the weather due to the disappearance of the regular animal mascot,
  • Inadvertent crime-fighters in an approximately self-driving car,
  • Teenage rebellion within the superheroic Gravity Family,
  • The quest to earn one’s Doctorate by Transmogrifying classic Monsters,
  • And an approach to keeping things safe which makes Johnny Mnemonic look positively warm & fluffy.

Here are links to some of the stuff we nattered about