Audient Content Episode – Will Lays Down The Gauntlet

Will sent us a monster email, filled with ideas, so we did the only reasonable thing under the circumstances & wrapped an entire episode around them.

Additionally BenĀ reminisces about his time at KapCon24 in WellingtonĀ and Craig girds his convention-going loins in preparation for this years GenCon.

Will’s ideas include:

  • The most literal take on “Yellowknife Man” either of us have seen,
  • Ponies allegedly helping with the weather due to the disappearance of the regular animal mascot,
  • Inadvertent crime-fighters in an approximately self-driving car,
  • Teenage rebellion within the superheroic Gravity Family,
  • The quest to earn one’s Doctorate by Transmogrifying classic Monsters,
  • And an approach to keeping things safe which makes Johnny Mnemonic look positively warm & fluffy.

Here are links to some of the stuff we nattered about