Strange Fate (From the Fate edition of “The Kerberos Club”)

(Available from the Arc Dream store here.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Toph (Season 1)
Toph (Season 2)
Azula (Season 1)
Azula (Season 2)
Mei (Season 1)
Mei (Season 2)
Ty Lee (Season 1)
Ty Lee (Season 2)

(All characters introduced in Season 2 are presented in two versions, one built with the same rules and points as the Season 1 characters, and one which includes a season worth of advancement: +1 Refresh and +28 Skill Points, following the logic that Season 1 comprises 20 Chapters, 5 Stories, and 1 Volume. The season 2 version is the character we’re first introduced to in the show.)
(Note that these character sheets include notes and discussions for how they were built.  If you want .doc files to edit these out, contact us at BigRedCouch AT hoarde DOT net and we’ll send them right along.  I took down the option of .doc versions in this version of the page due to lack of interest.)

The infamous “Jailbreak” scenario found in the One Shots anthology for Unknown Armies
Steve Updike
Jake Spundie
Uder Krazmersky
Ella Krazmersky
Morton Willits
Juan Riccinto
Janet Mattice
David Leyner
Donna Ngwashi
GM Bundle (MAJOR SPOILERS for anyone not intending to run the game.)

(The GM bundle is designed so that you can run the “Jailbreak” scenario without using the core Unknown Armies system – all you need is Strange Fate and a copy of the One Shots pdf linked at the top of this section.  If there are any issues with this or content you’d like included, please get in touch at BigRedCouch AT hoarde DOT net.)

The Wire rebooted into being set in Victorian London
Omar Little

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