Episode One Hundred And Fifty Six – A Carefully Articulated Curse Against The Common Man

A tiny little town is the unwitting lynch-pin of the conflict over what the nation is to become, with multiple factions fighting, in this case, over the train station

An insidious mind-controlling curse spreads through the use of the Common tongue

The inhabitants of a Generic Fantasy Village, tired of the dangers, destruction, & hyperinflation brought about by by Adventurers, band together in order to deal with the problem


Episode One Hundred And Fifty Five – Happy Campers Adventures

An educational youth camp in a post-Gygaxian fantasy world

The low-stakes trials and tribulations of the staff of a summer camp

A much beloved summer experience turns out to be an insanely long-term covert intelligence operation

Wholesome adventures at a variety of oddly-themed campgrounds with suspiciously thematic problems


Episode One Hundred and Fifty Four – Drab Majesty

The Resplendent Majesty sits upon the throne, and lives with everyone’s attention on them.
The Drab Majesty lives in the shadows, and nobody knows they’re there until there’s something they need to deal with.

A team make their living through resurrecting people by assembling the scattered fragments of their personality construct from the far-flung corners of cyberspace.
But some of these people don’t want to come back.
And some aren’t actually dead.

In a calm and stable Empire, the first step on the Hero’s Journey is … Finding any challenge at all

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Episode One Hundred and Fifty Three – Four Kilometres of Imitation Crab

Crash Stations – On a planet where the sun has become wildly overactive and the surface world is a hostile place, city-dwellers construct gigantic walking machines to attempt to make it to the ocean and find safety in the depths

The Malevolent Catch – In the midst of the terrible weather of a crabbing season, boats start to notice things which are almost, but not quite, crabs in the catch.
Then the imitation crabs start to notice them back.

A dead fish rotting on a beach is nothing new.
A titanic slab of imitation crab, on the other hand, will attract attention.
And scavengers.


Episode One Hundred and Fifty Two – Floating Steel Reef

A derelict & barnacle-encrusted ship washes up on the coastline; The locals have heard of steel, but they’ve never seen several thousand tonnes of it floating before.

People live at the very edge of the world, where the ocean falls over the lip & falls into the void, gathering all of the strange things which drift their way from the mysterious places further in.
One day they spot something new; A gargantuan metal ship, belching smoke, and heading their way.

Being a Colonist on the water world of Oceania will be great; All the advertising talks about the friendly natives and well-equipped floating colonies.
Reality is a little different; You’re stuck in a new settlement in the hurricane zone, and the inhabitants, native or no, hate you.

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Episode One Hundred And Fifty One – Leroy’s Missing Hedge-Vege

Game Of Gnomes – Bloody dynastic suburban warfare in the gardens and cul-de-sacs of a post-humanity world

Mistakes Were Made- A minor criminal act sparks a cascade of suspicion, accusation, and reprisal.

Dude, Where’s My Plant? – A magical plant is missing. Was it stolen? Did it wander off? Have any other plants gone missing?


Episode One Hundred And Fifty – Despicable Fusion Cuisine

Retired supervillains open a restaurant, very much trading on their criminal past and the nostalgia for a gentler age of super-shenanigans. Can they sit by when things get bad out there?

Quantum Gastronomy: Gathering increasingly bizzare and impossible ingredients for the refined tastes of super-futuristic food snobs.

An famous Alien chef launches a competition, with the goal of finding something alien that Terrans will actually eat.

Despicable Fusion Cuisine is a front for a money laundering operation. They don’t want customers, and are unsure how to cope with suddenly becoming ironically popular.


Episode One Hundred And Forty Nine – The Lost Continent of Zealandia!

Lost Continent of Zealandia Resurfaces!
Shocked New Zealanders find themselves in the middle of primordial forest; Fate of outside world uncertain!

As Zealandia slowly sinks beneath the waves, the inhabitants say their goodbyes and begin to disperse to their new homes.

Mythic Adventures In Zealandia!

Space Vagabonds travel the spaceways in search of work, fuel, spare parts, and anyone who knows how to adjust a hyperdrive.


Episode One Hundred And Forty Eight – Space Hobboes

Once access to the Earth was taken out of the picture by orbital debris, the travelling workers known as Space Hobos became a vital part of the community, who help to solve problems & keep things running out there.

Space transport is cheap enough, and space survival technology ubiquitous enough, that hitching a ride on a string of cargo containers going somewhere useful is a viable, if unauthorised & illegal, way to get around if you don’t have the money.
It also means that you’re in a place that nobody expects someone to be, and that can cause problems if folks are up to things they don’t want people to see.

Once you’ve shifted some asteroids into regular orbits, moving around the system becomes a whole lot easier; Assuming you can match vector, or course.

A fantasy setting of little worldlets, each just big enough for a single field or Hobbit burrow, floating serenely in an endless sky.

Vast cargo ships ply the spaceways. Too big for anything other than full automation, they don’t seem to react when people climb aboard for free transport, or even make their homes there. It’s not clear whether they don’t notice, or they just don’t care.


Coal Trimmer

Herbert Hoover

The Expanse (novels)
The Expanse (tv)

Game of Thrones (tv)

Raised By Wolves (tv)
Ridley Scott

Dark Souls

International Brotherhood Welfare Association
The Hobo Code
The Littlest Hobo
The Incredible Hulk

Dogs In The Vinyard
Flatpack: Fix the Future

Alias Smith & Jones
Pale Rider

Flash Gordon


The Love Boat

Among Us

Traveller 2300

Space Opera
Science Fantasy



Isaac Asimov

Kessler Syndrome

Railroad Bull
( covered as part of a longer article on Railroad police ~ T. Jones )

Aldrin Cycler

Lensman Series, by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith

Project Pluto


Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
The Little Prince

Yes (band)

The Integral Trees, by Larry Niven


Starship Titanic

Goldenwing Cycle, by Alfred Coppel
Moonheart & Spiritwalk, by Charles de Lint

Counting to Infinity ( rpg.net thread from 2006 )

Girls Last Tour
Kids Last Tour

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

West End Games

Episode One Hundred And Forty Seven – From Me To You; A Free Gift Of Soul Dust

Episode One Hundred And Forty Seven – From Me To You; A Free Gift Of Soul Dust

On stage at a club, interrupted by the occasional solo, the band recount the tale of their experience with the supernatural.

For safety’s sake, nanotech is very tightly limited in scope, and will shut down if it goes out of bounds; So the container of unconstrained nanobots you’re holding is something that everyone wants, and that could be a problem.

An insidious Alien conspiracy plots to blow up the Sun, because it’s the only way to make our TV transmissions stop.

Sentient food items mount a daring rescue mission for a comrade who’s due to be cooked before their time.

The Queen is easily enough of a bad-ass to defeat intruders & rescue the court all by herself. The tricky part is getting enough of her adventuring gear together quickly enough that she can do it with style, instead of losing her temper and tearing the attackers apart with hands and teeth.

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